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The time is uncertain for everyone, but Elementary-aged children will be among the most impacted groups during this time. They aren’t able to go to school and see their friends. They aren’t able to be around other kids which can create a lot of issues.

How should churches respond?


Just like you’re taking your adult services online and going live for students, elementary aged children can have online experiences.  

The LifeKids team from LifeChurch is creating full-length video services that include interactive elements, pauses, and worship that can be streamed online.  These experiences will be relevant for children from ages two through six grade.  

These videos have no Life.Church branding and use license-free music.  

Here’s where you get these resources.

Resourcing Parents

While you can’t gather in person, you can still be a major support and source for parents at home. Consider creating a Facebook group for your kids ministry to post ideas, updates, and a place to ask questions. 

One of the biggest ways you can show up with your families is by providing practical and useful resources for parents.

So many parents are trying to balance working from home, being a teacher, and being a parent.  It’s really tough.

Step into their world by becoming a trusted source for quality and helpful information.  Ask your parents what they need and either find or create resources to help them during this time.  Take the time you would spend preparing rooms or creating lessons and funnel that energy toward resourcing parents. 

Here are some ideas of things you can share.

Staying Connected

Write letters to the children in your ministry.  Since you can’t see them on Sunday, send them postcards, letters, or coloring sheets via the US Postal Service. During a time of social distancing, personal mail is a major bright spot, especially in a child’s mind.

You don’t have to try to create a photocopy of Sunday morning. Simply ask how you can provide hope, fun, and connection in a way that makes sense for your community.

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